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MA in Israel studies, A tourist guide licensed in Hebrew, Arabic and English, with a stamp of approval for guiding tours in the education system, and guiding tours abroad.

Organizations I've worked with:
Yad Ben Zvi Institute, "Israel Experience", Israeli Association for medicinal plants, education seminars for tourist guides through the Ministry of Tourism, Teaching in courses of tourist guides Nazareth, as well as in various organizations such as the "Green Network", Association of teachers, and the Teachers Union, Beit Berl College, Teachers training courses in the pedagogical centers of the education ministry, the Curriculum Division ministry of Education and more ...

Rade Omar


"Hiking": a travel guide in Arabic.


 Uri Dvir's book:  "A Point of Beauty" from Hebrew to Arabic
Pamphlets of different sites of the Israel Nature and Parks
Hadas Bloom books "Meeting in the environment"

Noam Kirshenbaum field guide "Flowers" and "Birds"
Writing articles in journals and magazines in Hebrew and Arabic on various fields of knowledge about Israel


Lectures and workshops:

The usage of plants for the benefit of people:

a. Mediterranean plants:

the qualities and characteristics of the useful and edible  plants and their usage in medicine, cooking and folklore associated with them, precaution rules for using these plants, their distribution and their growth conditions.

b. Desert plants: their adaptation to harsh conditions, identifying the plants and their usage.

The culture of the olive:

cultivars, methods of olive picking, the use of the olives in the ethnic medicine, the rich folklore about the olive tree, methods of olive oil production, olive press, recipes and more. Best around September - November. 

Birds in the Arabic tradition:

Migration, wintering and local birds, beliefs and folklore, art related with birds and more

Wildlife of Israel in the focus of the Arabic tradition:

Stories, folklore idioms and more


Guided tours:

Special and unique craftsmen in old Jerusalem and Nazareth, Exciting day trips and night trips.

Olive culture: olive picking, visiting an oil press and in a factory for preserving olives. Suitable for October - December.

Wild plants gathering and field cooking - soup, balls, sweets and tea. Suitable for January-March.

Trips to the "Small Triangle" form Kafar Kasem To Um El Fahem in the focus of daily life, income sources, education, archaeology  and more

Ramadan trips in Zemer villages before evening, visiting a family, joining the traditional meal of breaking the fast. After dinner a conversation with the family members on tradition and religious matters, and later visiting mosques in Baka El Garbia to see people going  for special prayers. After the prayers, visiting relatives and social meetings and at the end: our itinerary contains visiting a traditional sweets shop, which during the Ramadan is fully active, with a possibility of tasting and buying

4WD trips in the "Small Triangle", in less known places and courses.

A culinary trip including visiting and tasting products in a diary production place, in a traditional oriental sweets production place, An Arabic coffee roasting and spice production place and at the end: visiting a local family for a workshop on traditional Arab food using wild plants or sweets, according to the interest of the participants.


The activities are open to the wide audience, and is also suitable for special events such as family events, birthdays, special occasions, companies and any other groups.

The content is flexible and can be tailor made for any group and any age.