במהלך החודש הבא צפוי לצאת לאור המדריך החדש לעופות הים של העולם. במדריך סקירה של 437 מינים, היא המקיפה ביותר מסוגה מאז פרסום המדריך Peter Harrison, 1991) Seabirds: An Identification Guide)  .
המדריך מוצע כעת באתר NHBS להזמנה מוקדמת:

Seabirds The New Identification Guide
Seabirds The New Identification Guide
Peter Harrison, Martin Perrow, Hans Larsson

This comprehensive guide to the world’s 437 species of seabirds, covers all known seabirds, beginning with seaducks and grebes and ending with cormorants and pelicans.Lavishly illustrated and detailed throughout the600 pages, this guide gives full treatment to all known seabird species including recently rediscovered and rarely seen species

Seabirds The New Identification Guide

- 239 superb, full-colour plates with extensive captions and detailed facing-plate identification texts and maps, to enable identification at a glance.
- More than 3,800 full-colour figures with illustrations of distinct subspecies, sexes, ages and morphs, are further supported by in-text identification keys and figures.
- Comprehensive and definitive, the text covers status and conservation, geographic range, movements and migration, breeding biology and feeding habits, plus identification and latest taxonomic treatments.- The only seabird guide to cover all known seabird groups and species. Seabirders worldwide will find this to be an authoritative, one-of-a-kind publication for use around the globe.

Seabirds The New Identification Guide