Buthidae are the largest family of Scorpions Which contain triangular sternum which Is a Major Characteristic to the Family  It Contains about 48 Genera and over 500 species occupy all six faunal regions .

To Understand and recognize Genus that occupy these family, there is an easy key to go through it , 1. Anterior Tergites of mesosoma with Five Crests . Leiurus Hemprich & Ehrenberg ... Anterior tergites of mesosoma without or with indistinct crests, or with only three crests => 2 2. Tergal crests of mesosoma distinct => 3 Tergal crests of mesosoma indistinct or absent. => 6 3. Tergal crests posteriorly attenuated and projecting beyond posterior margin of tergites; prosoma with median-central and median posterior crests united and forming a straight continuous line; sole of tarsi of walking legs with bristles or hairs. Compsobuthus Vachon... Tergal crests not projecting beyond posterior margin of tergites => 4 4. Prosoma with latero-central crests united posteriorly with median-posterior crests forming a lyra shaped. Buthus Leach... Crests of prosoma not forming a lyra. => 5 5. Sole of tarsi of walking legs with spines Hottentotta Vachon... Sole of tarsi of walking legs with hairs or bristles . Androctonus Hemprich & Ehrenbreg... 6. Crests of prosoma usually absent or indistinct; prosoma without depressions behind ...median eyes; segments of metasoma without small depressions. Buthacus Birula Prosoma without crests but with deep depressions behind median eyes posterior segments of metasoma with small depressions. Orthochirus Karsch

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