- Scorpionidae charachterize by the pectagonal sternum, aculeus without subaculear tubercle. It includes seven genera distributed among three faimilies. The members of the Scorpionidae differ from the Ishnuridae in the possession of moderately to highly folded venom glands and tarsi with rounded lateroapical lobes. The Scorpionidae contains some of the world's largest living scorpions such as Heterometrus swammerdami reaches lenghts up to 16.8cm . In Our Hometown we have only the subfamily Scorpioninae , Genus Scorpio and it called In that name based on Linnaeus 1758. A key to the Subspecies of Scorpio marus 1. Genital operculum almost always longer than sternum in females , often as long as sternum in males; vesicule often slightly wider than fifth segment; coloration light olive-brown to yellow. Scorpio marus palmatus 2. Genital operculum distinctly longer than sternum in both sexes; vesicule usually narrower than fifth segment; coloration dark brown t greenish black. Scorpio marus fuscus -