WhatsApp Reports

In addition to the association's website, widgets and mobile apps, reports can be submitted via WhatsApp - both as a private massage, or a post to a group: you are most welcome to use any of the above mentioned options. Choose the most suitable one for each report separately, considering the species, time, location and needs. All of your observations will be delivered to your personal page (need help with password?), where you can view it on your map, a table and download data as a text file.
Currently, reports can be submitted in EnglishArabic and Hebrew
Please, read this tutorial and use WhatsApp responsibly.

Data displayed on a map, a table, and avaliable for export as a txt file 

 Submit a report I How to

1.    Click attach icon + location (1)

2.    The map opens, your current location is shown in Blue. In order to edit the location, click “Expand Map(2)

The icon turns to a draggable Red marker . Move it to the right location and click “Send this location”.



 Use the attach icon to add images and sound files

If a sensitive data is included in your report - regarding vulnerable location, a threatened species - or that you are not interested to share it with the community from any other reason: send it privately (via WhatsApp or mobile app).

If you have questions about submitting a report, using the apps or anything else, please feel free to ask, any time: we will be happy to assist.

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Submit  report privately